St. Michael’s Church (Michaelskirche), Pulkau, Lower Austria

2 thoughts on “St. Michael’s Church (Michaelskirche), Pulkau, Lower Austria

  1. Michael Stachowicz

    It was nice seeing the church in your photo. My father, Jan, was taken to Pulkau during WWII by the Nazis and was taken in by a family; if not, he would have been killed by the Nazis. The family treated him very, very well and took him to St Michael’s church on Sundays. My dad tended their vineyard farm until he “escaped” to find his father, whom he heard was in a prison in Germany. The man that took him in had a son who now owns/runs the farm. I can’t remember the family’s name, but one of the daughters married into the (I think) Schuller family, who also make wine. Anyway, thank you for the photo on your website.

    1. Ralph Post author

      Nice hearing from you, Michael. Fascinating story. My wife is a native here (that’s how this Jersey City boy ended up in Pulkau) and we will see what we can do to turn up the name of the family that helped your father. Can’t promise anything but we will surely try.



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